Swing Dancing Lessons

Want to learn to dance? During each and every semester (including during the Summer), The Swing Society offers a series of different lessons, from free beginning lessons to extremely affordable multi-week sets of lessons at different skill levels. Register online or at the door!

Check out our FAQ for answers to common questions.

Multi-Week Lesson Sets

A multi-week lesson set costs $30. There is a $5 student discount and a $5 online preregistration discount (which may be combined with each other, but not other offers).

Current and Upcoming Multi-Week Lesson Sets:
  • Right now, the semester is almost over or has just ended and we're working to schedule lessons for next semester. Be sure to check back soon!

Private Lessons

Besides the group lessons listed above, The Swing Society also offers private lessons. The basic cost structure of a private lesson varies per instructor per hour for up to two people. Private lessons can be held by either one instructor or a pair of instructors (both a lead and a follow). Travel outside of Champaign-Urbana may require a additional fee for the travel time and cost. For more details or questions, contact our lessons chairs at lessons@illiniswing.org.

We also offer large-group lessons for a wedding or other event. E-mail lessons@illiniswing.org for more info.