About The Swing Society

The Illini Swing Society is a Registered Student Organization (RSO) with the purpose of promoting the education and enjoyment of the various swing dance styles within the community of Champaign-Urbana. We hold dances, organize workshops and offer lessons teaching Lindy Hop, Charleston, and other swing dances.

The Illini Swing Society was established in 1994, at the beginning of the national revival of the swing era of dance. Since then, we've seen our numbers grow and now have over 1,900 people who receive our weekly e-mail.

The Swing Society is governed by a board of elected officers, as required by our constitution (PDF). The board is elected in pre-announced elections at least once a year and the board members are listed below.

Current Board Members

Vivian Li, president@illiniswing.org
Vice President:
Jennifer Nevarez, vp@illiniswing.org
Brandon Powers, treasurer@illiniswing.org
Events and Workshop Chair:
Sam Zorich, events@illiniswing.org
PR Chair:
Clarissa Ihssen, pr@illiniswing.org
Fardin Abdi, webmaster@illiniswing.org
Lessons Chair:
Steven Kolaczkowski, lessons@illiniswing.org